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  "I am so used to putting on a happy face for everyone else. You really saw me and heard me and yet did not reject me or wish I was different."   – Jeanette Chardon  

I offer intuitive, compassionate bodywork for sensitive people struggling with the effects of physical or emotional trauma.

I also offer free healing articles and a self-care book.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Perhaps you were in a car crash last year, or you endured abuse as a child, or you've sustained a devastating loss. Your body and spirit show signs of the strain - persistent headaches, nagging injuries, troubled sleep, ongoing anxiety or depression. You've seen your doctor or therapist, and read lots of books, but you're still searching for healing.

As a healing practitioner, I will

  • Honor where you are now - acknowledging that all your actions are your best efforts to survive and flourish.
  • Honor the past - calmly bearing witness to the effects, emotions, and tales of trauma.
  • Honor transformation - bringing awareness to tension, and then offering your body forgotten pathways to relaxation and strength.
  • Honor your Self - with excellent boundaries and utmost respect.

My bodywork can help you find your balance and reclaim a joyful life.

My listening hands and attentive presence will help you regain awareness of the blocked places in your body, and gently release the built-up tensions that have helped you cope in the past, but that are adding to your stress in the present. Over time, you'll breathe more freely, sleep more peacefully, and address your life with awareness and grace.

Sonia Connolly, LMT, Reiki Master - helping people heal from trauma since 1999. Based in NE Portland, Oregon.

I have experience supporting survivors in recovery from incest, rape, assault, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, ritual abuse, domestic violence, and other assaults on the body and spirit that lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I welcome survivors of extreme abuse, extreme trauma, and Complex PTSD. I also have experience helping people with whiplash injuries, migraines, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, CFIDS), environmental illness, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), HIV, cancer, and other forms of chronic pain and illness.

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  "Sonia Connolly is by far the most powerful healer I have experienced. I am always amazed at the feedback and insights she gives after a healing session - be it a direct hands-on or even a distant healing. She has helped me with healing my parents on the other side of the World, in India, and with some patients in L.A. When I am faced with the most difficult situations with any of my patients, she is the only healer I turn to. She is very intuitive and gentle and one feels totally at ease under her healing hands. She has been the reason I kept faith in myself through some of the roughest patches in my life emotionally and spiritually.

I am sure every person who gets a treatment from her will confirm what I have said."
Dilip Panakkal            
Reiki Master,            
Los Angeles            

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Sundown Healing Arts is size-friendly, diversity-friendly, queer-friendly, and trans-friendly.
Persons of any body size, color, sexual orientation, and gender are welcome.

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Sonia Connolly, LMT #12475      503-334-6434      2833 NE 8th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97212

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